Friday, January 7, 2011

~my practical~

Date:22 Nov till 30 Dis 2010
Venue:Jabatan Pertanian Daerah Maran
Time:Every working day (8 am to 5 pm)

There is another 'station' that i need to stop in way to complete my life journey. Jabatan Pertanian Maran had give me at least a little happiness in the time when i was there. I wont forget every each thing that happened there....
there are few thing that came along with me until today...
1st: all the kind hearted staff there..
2nd: all the jokes we have been together..
3rd: my boss as well as my supervisor..
4th: my journey 80kilos go and back everyday which maintain my body weight...yay!!!
5th: all the food that we get if there were a meeting or official field trip
and 6th: my beloved prince charming......ouchhh!!!! =)

my industrial practical is awesome!!! but i dont know others...some i heard that, their industrial practical not so pity them..hahahaha
there a lots of thing that i have been learn there...too many to make me be a better person.
thanks to every each person at Jabatan Pertanian Maran...
below, there some preview during my practical and their people....enjoy!!

Biggest Jackfruit breed in Malaysia...u can only found this in Maran, Pahang...

Malaysia Orange i think..hu3...

A program...Bumi Hijau where the DOA distributing the kitchen garden kit to orang kampung....this event held at Kg.Tanjung Kertau, Chenor, Maran

Kak Selah Best and Abg Iffan The Great...hahahahaha the most enjoyble person at the office

Me at my place at office!!!

Breakfast nasi lemak at Kg.Serengkam with eva!!!

with all lovely office mate....

The orang kampung......very nature rite....=)

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